viernes, junio 02, 2006

My Lai resucitado

No es tanto (si se puede poner precio a las vidas), pero la masacre de Haditha, palabras de The Economist, empiezan a elevar los intentos de comparar Viet-nam con Iraq. En My Lai se mataron entre 200 y 500 personas, ahora hablamos de entre 15 y 35. Las consecuencias, junto a otras barbaridades, son similares:
As with My Lai, the events in Haditha are likely to shine a cruel light on the gap between the stated point of staying in Iraq—the bestowal and consolidation of freedom—and the grim reality, in which American soldiers are often feared and hated, and come in turn to see all Iraqis as enemies. Abu Ghraib could be written off as an aberration of the sort to be expected from low-level troops. The marines are another matter. America's finest, it will be said, were sent into the heart of darkness and exposed to horrors that made them murder. It will strengthen the arguments of those who want America to leave now.(...)

(...)In many wars, just or unjust, men commit crimes for which they should be tried and punished. The answer to Haditha is for Mr Bush at last to insist on transparency, justice and accountability. Giving up and shipping out would simply condemn many more Iraqis to a violent death.
Verán, yo soy de los de Rumsfeld dimisión.